A Seat at the Table…

Dear Solange, 

Thank you for being someone I could look up to. I appreciate your style and your courageousness. I look at you and say wow, look how beautiful she is. I look like her… I can be like her! 

P.S. My favorite songs from “A Seat at the Table” are F.U.B.U., Cranes in the Sky, Mad, Don’t Touch my Hair, and I got so Much Magic. 

With Love & Respect,


Ahnari Featured on Huffington Post

5-Year-Old Channels Solange Knowles For Perfectly Recreated Album Cover

Ahnari Recreates Solange's Album Cover

One year later.

“exactly a year ago, I turned in a seat at the table with knots in my stomach. if you would have told me then, I’d playing it live and sell out hollywood bowl, radio city, greek theatre and kennedy center, i wouldn’t have even been able to wrap my head around it. im so incredible grateful for the journey I’ve been able to take with this record, and as we kick off this tour tonight I am filled with an abundance of jubilance and light for all of it….the love, the pain, the rage, the process and the rise…”

-Solange (@SaintRecords)

Ahnari also Featured on Essence.com

As we’re writing this blog… we’re enjoying the change in season (it’s officially fall, yaayyyy!) especially with the mellow tunes and profound lyrics from your album that are playing oh so eloquently in the background. As the natural light pours in from our window there is a glimmer of hope that overcomes the darkness in the world. Not the darkness from the skin that is being hated so much but the actual definition of hate.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. -M.L.K. Jr.

A Seat at the Table” is truly a body of work filled with explanations and understanding of not only what the African American/Black culture faces but what our gender as women face; a topic specifically important to me because of not only myself but my mother, my sisters, daughters, etc etc. American singer, songwriter, model, actress, wife, mother, sister to Beyoncé… woman… Solange, touches on some of these issues in her 2016 Album “A Seat at the Table” (available now for purchase on iTunes) but leaves us motivated and feeling powerful, encouraged, and more importantly, beautiful. We will be forever grateful for this album taking a chance on culture and diversity and we wholeheartedly thankful for having an icon to look up to. Representation matters… this is not something limited to a specific group of people but something that should be available to us all. We recreated your album cover in honor of you because you represent me…US!

Ahnari in Cranes in the Sky Accolade from Solange’s “A Seat at the Table” :

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