Let’s Celebrate!

“5-Year-Old Channels Solange Knowles For Perfectly Recreated Album Cover”

An article written by Taylor Pittman, Parents Associate Editor by Huff Post.

Wow, I remember this day like it was yesterday and I can’t believe its already been a year. We are so happy to share this milestone in our lives with you; being featured on Huffington Post was such a huge milestone for us and we are so grateful! We look back on the night that we recreated Solange Knowles “A Seat at the Table” album cover and think to ourselves “this is going to be epic”.

huffingtonpost 1

“Take one look at this little girl, and it’s clear she exemplifies #BlackGirlMagic.


Yup, thats Me! :-). Epic right?

Ahnari was also featured on BuzzFeed: 

“This is 5-year-old Ahnari from Miami, Florida. She loves Solange, whose new album A Seat at the Table went to No. 1 after its release earlier this month.”

Often times we are so consumed with what we are doing now or what we need to do later that we never take the opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments. I believe that every accomplishment we receive should be celebrated, whether big or small. So start celebrating!

“When you’ve reached an important milestone, instead of immediately moving on to the long list of things that you have to do next, spend some time reflecting on what you’ve accomplished – and celebrate it.”

To see full article from Huffington Post… click here: Ahnari’s feature on Huffington Post

Check out our feature on Beautifully Brown Blog: 

“The 5-Year Old Model Who Slayed Solange’s Album Looks”


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